Travelling Mumbai to London by Road

It's the adventurous few, driven by a passion and zeal for exploring the various facets of life, nature and culture that travel unchartered territories in life. They are the ones who dare to chase their dreams that are beyond the realms of realism. Because one can never be certain what to expect next, it's a world of uncertainties, every minute of every day you stumble upon unexpected and dauntingly challenging situations. But driven by passion these dare-devils push themselves to the limits beat all odds to achieve extraordinaire success.

Creative Rebels is a bunch of dare-devil, experienced roadies who have dared to envision achieving a World Record of driving 20,000 kms, across 16 Countries in 2 Continents in 25 Days from Mumbai to London that will culminate by hoisting the National Flag on 15th August 2017 at the Indian Embassy in London.

Not only this, they have also aimed at a Second World Record on their way back by travelling 30,000 kms, across 40+ Countries in 3 Continents in 30 Days.

More over this expedition will show-case to the world at large, the strength and determination of the common man of India who is 'Driven by Passion and Powered by Patriotism', as the entire team comprises of not professional drivers but common people. Driving through every possible road conditions from wet roads, muddy and slippery roads, desert, Ice or Snow covered roads with challenges of rain, sandstorm, snow, ice, landslides, earthquakes, floods and even off road, it will also show case the temerity of our 'Spirit of Oneness' that binds us Indians together through thick and thin.

Welcome to the trip of a Lifetime and be our proud partner in making history.

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