All members for this expedition “Mumbai to London” by road should be prepared for the extreme scenarios which they might have to face during this trip. This trip will be physically and mentally challenging and pushing each individual to their extreme limits.

During this trip individuals will be facing numerous challenges for which they should be prepared for, this challenge will not only be for an individual but for the team as well to help each other in extreme conditions.

At the beginning of this trip we will be facing rains in India, followed by dry and warm climate in Gobi Desert (in China) with snow and ice in between the stretch where the temperature will be shifting from sub “0” to 45 Degrees Celsius. Your body will be exposed to these harsh climatic conditions, one should be prepared to adjust to these temperature changes and also be ready for the physical challenge thrown at you in case of machine failure or any other cause. One should not only take care of self but also be ready to help the co passenger in case of sickness or illness.
This trip will push everyone to extreme Limits the human body can handle... Welcome to the trip of a Lifetime.

Types of challenges one may face during this trip.

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